Delhi Tughlak coins

I have some old Delhi Sultanate coins issued by the Tughlak sultans.

This coin was issued by Muhammad Bin Tughlak during 1325AD-1351AD. It is of denomination “One Paika”. It can be found in the coins catalog at Sr No D394.

In March 2013, I obtained another piece of this coin.

This coin is known to be the “Rabbi Hasabi” type.

An image of Muhammad Bin Tughlaq

Muhammad Bin Tughlaq

The next two coins are identical coins of denomination “Four Ghani”. These were issued by King Ghiyas-ud-Din Tughlak during 1320AD-1325AD.This coin is of “Abu al-Muzaffar” type and features in the Coins catalog at Sr Number D311.

The next coin is a falus of 40 rati standard of Firuz Shah Tughluq, Sultan of Delhi (752-90 AH) / Delhi mint
legend is : Firuz Shah Sultan (from up to bottom) / reverse: dar-al mulkh Delhi
ref Goron D491.

A Jital coin issued by Firoz Shah Tughlak. This coin is catalogued as D496.

Tughlaqabad Fort , Delhi lies in ruins. The mausoleum of Ghias-ud-Din Tughlaq is better maintained.

Tughlaqabad Fort, Delhi

View from inside the fort.

The tomb of Ghias-ud-Din Tughlaq


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