Delhi Sultanate Coins– Balban Era

Ghiyas-ud-Din Balban

Balban was a shrewd statesman.
During his reign, Balban ruled with an iron fist. He broke up the ‘Chihalgani’, a group of the forty most important nobles in the court. He tried to establish peace and order in the country of India. He built many outposts in areas where there was crime and garrisoned them with soldiers. Balban wanted to make sure everyone was loyal to the crown by establishing an efficient espionage system. Sultan Balban had a strong and well-organized spy system. Balban placed secret reporters and news-writers in every department. The spies were independent authority only answerable to Sultan. Balban was strict administrator of justice. He did not show any partiality even to his own kith and kin. About his justice Dr. Ishwari Prasad remarked “So great was the dread of Sultan’s inexorable justice that no one dared to ill-treat his servant and slaves.” When a complaint was made that Malik Baqbaq, a powerful landlord of Badaun killed one of his own servant. Balban ordered his death sentence. The news-writer(spy), who was responsible for Badaun reporting was also executed because he failed to report this act of injustice to Sultan.

I have two coins issued by Sultan Ghiyas-ud-Din Balban who ruled Delhi for 21 years 1266-1287 AD.

The first is a 2 Ghani Coin . The catalog Number is D165.

I have another piece of the same coin. This one is also of denomination “2 Ghani” and can be found in the Coins Catalog at Sr Numbr D165. Notice the similarity with the previous coin.

Th inscription”Balban” in Urdu in the central circle can clearly be read on the coins.

Near Mehrauli, Delhi…the tomb of Balban lies in ruins.

Balban's Tomb, Delhi


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